Decree 218

Decree 218/2005 The documentation must indicate:

For Resale Properties:

  • Address of the property · General description of the property · General description of the building or development ·
  • Financial: i. Total price / Price of the annexes / Taxes that according to the law are payable by the buyer / Payment method / Validity period of the price/ ·
  • Land Registry: i. Owner’s registration details / Up to date charges on the property /Subjections, if applicable / Built or usable ii. This information must be supported via nota simple.
  • Year of construction of the property.
  • Percentage of the Community of Owners’ fees, if applicable.
  • If the building or development has got electricity access point, drinking water, telephone and gas.
  • In the case of a property under the Horizontal Property Law. The consumer is informed that there are, at his disposal, the Statutes and rules of the Communities of Owner/Book of the Building/The insurances to which article 19 of Law 38/1999.
  • Certification that the property is up to date on Land Tax payments.


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